“Shero Trend Trip NY” Day 1

I’ve had the best three days of my life! Hunkemöller invited me to be their reporter on their “Shero trend trip” in New York city! Link to my blog for the dutchies/ link naar mijn blog op Hunkemöller voor mijn Nederlandse lezers: (http://www.hunkemoller.nl/nl_nl/blog/shero-trend-trip-ny-day-1)

The big day has dawned: After a night with little sleep I was totally ready for this trip! Hunkemöller invited me to be their reporter on the Shero trend trip in New York City! My bags are packed and with this river of emotions coursing through my veins I leave towards the train station.

When I arrive at the station I got this little panic-attack. There are no trains going to Utrecht, so it’s getting hard to arrive at the Airport in Amsterdam on time. But, I had this great Back-up plan! My best buddy Mark is driving me to the airport so I’m still right on time! On the airport I meet up with Lucette from mooi PR, Joanne from Glamour magazine and Gabrielle from Cosmopolitan magazine. Te four of us had a great connection right from the beginning!


When we dropped off our luggage we drank a cup of tea at the airport and I bought my favorite parfum From Narciso Rodriquez tax-Free.


Time for boarding! The flight time to New York is about 8 hours, but after a little sleep and three movies, time is flying by and before I know, we arrive at the airport.


We got pick-uped by a big, black suburban car by “Nelson” our private driver and we went to the beautiful Somo Hotel in Soho. We had an hour to fresh- and dress-up for diner. When I opened my hotel door I was in shock! How nice is this room! I love it! And as an extra surprise there was a goodiebag on my bed! There was a cute little pajama in it, and some beauty products. So I took a quick shower, I putted my little black dress and high heels on and I was ready to goooooo!

image image image image image

In the hotel lobby two girls from Germany and one from Austria and Belgium met up with us. We drank a lovely glass of champagne together and enjoyed a delicious diner!


What a great first day in this amazing city it was! I enjoyed every minute of it! Time to sleep, tomorow a new day, full of new adventures! Night night!


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