“Shero Trend Trip NY” Day 2

I’ve had the best three days of my life! Hunkemöller invited me to be their reporter on their “Shero trend trip” in New York city!

Link to my blog for the dutchies/ link naar mijn blog op Hunkemöller voor mijn Nederlandse lezers: (http://www.hunkemoller.nl/nl_nl/blog/shero-trend-trip-ny-day-2)



After only 3 hours of sleep (biggest jetleg ever!) I was ready for a new day in New York City!

After breakfast we went to the office of the first Shero of this trip: Kerin Rose. She’s a sunglasses designer and made sunglasses for big names like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyoncé. What an inspiring woman! And she rocked her orange hair! Her collection only has one of a kind pieces! (http://www.a-morir.com)


image image

After our meeting with Kerin Rose we went to lunch with our second shero: The lovely and amazing Sylvie Meis. We drank great champagne and ate the best sushi ever!


After lunch, I had the pleasure to interview Sylvie! (here is the link of the interview for my dutch readers: http://www.hunkemoller.nl/nl_nl/blog/exclusive-interview-sylvie-in-ny/) She was soooooo nice! And her new collection, which is inspired on New York City is just amazing! A lot of lace, petrol and exciting straps! It will be launched in November!

image image

After the interview a big white limousine picked us up and brought us to a spa to getting a pedicure! How great!!  I felt like a superstar!


Picking out a nail color at the spa! It was a lovely pedicure!



After the pedicure we went to the hotel to dress up for diner and our party night! We had diner in a little cute Italian restaurant called “Sant Ambroeus” in Soho. They had really great pasta’s!


After diner it was time to dance! We can’t leave New York before taking a little taste of it’s nightlife off course! We went to the Boom Boom Room and it was overwhelming! What a view! The rooftop was just amazing!

image image image

It was the perfect closure for day 2! Tomorrow already is the last day in this great city and I’m gonna enjoy every minute of it! I love this city sooooo much! But for now; Night night!



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