“Shero trend trip NY” day 3

I’ve had the best three days of my life! Hunkemöller invited me to be their reporter on their “Shero trend trip” in New York city!

Link to my blog for the dutchies/ link naar mijn blog op Hunkemöller voor mijn Nederlandse lezers:


So sad, but it’s already the last day of this amazing Shero trend trip in New York City. For the last day I enjoy the lovely breakfast in the hotel.

Today we visited the third, and last Shero of this trip; Miriam Millord. She is the owner of a little cute bakery in Brooklyn called “BcakeNY”. She makes cakes for a lot of celebrities and she is very big on Instagram. (@BcakeNY) It’s really amazing how beautiful these cakes are! So much details! Miriam was very nice and kind and she even gave me a little tour in the kitchen. It was really great to see the creative process of these cakes. And off course we got to do some tasting! Loved it!

image image image image image

After that, the big surprise of the trip got revealed! The fun experience was going to be a helicopter ride over New York City! It was AMAZING! OVERWHELMING! I can’t describe how great that experience was! Absolutely unforgettable!!!

image image image image image image

After that it was time to relax. We had lunch in another cute Italian restaurant. Great pasta’s and great wine. We also had a great view, so we dicideds to make some lovely pictures together with the whole group.

image image image

After lunch, we had two hours free-time, so I went to Sephora. Got a little crazy there, and spend too much money on make-up there! ; – ) After that we walked trough Soho for a little while.

Time to get our bags in the hotel, and leave towards the airport. I realise this amazing, unforgettable trip is almost ending. While typing this, I’m on the airplane and we land in two hours. Then I’m back in Amsterdam. I feel sad that it’s over but I cherish every moment of this trip. It’s definitely been one of the best experience of my whole life! Thank you Hunkemoller for being your reporter on this trip! NEW YORK CITY YOU ARE AMAZING!!!


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