collage lipstick top 5 goede!!!!!I’m such a lipstick junkie! Almost every time I go to a beautystore I leave there with a new lipstick. I Know, and I don’t even feel embarressed. I spend waaaaaaay to much money on lipstick! But it’s an addiction I guess… ; – )
Out of the 30+ lipsticks I own, I managed to narrow down a top 5 list of my favorite lipsticks! As you can see I’m a big fan of matte lipsticks, I don’t wear glosses because I just hate that sticky feeling on my lips!

1. Hema, longer lasting lipstick 06

2. Maybelline, super stay 14hr lipstick 160 Infinitely fuchsia

3 Catrice, ultimate colour matt 250 about pink

4. Sleek, true colour lipstick matte mystic 783

5, Mac, matte AC3 Pink plaid




My favorite lipstick is this bright red lipstick from Hema! It’s matte and it lasts very long! It doesn’t feel sticky, but you only have to apply just one layer, otherwise it feels kinda dry I think.



My second favorite lipstick is this one from Maybelline, it’s also a matte lipstick and it stays on your lips for a very long time! I think 14 hours is a little bit overreacted, but when I go dancing in a bar, and drink a couple of wines, this lipstick is still on my lips when I’m going home! ; – )



This is such an amazing colour! Perfect for those summer days! I often get compliments when I wear this colour and girls on the streets have asked me where I bought this lipstick. NO JOKE! The only disadvantage is that you can’t wear this lipstick when you have dry and flaky lips! So be sure your lips are moistured and look healthy before buying this one!



I was looking for the perfect purple lipstick for quite some time, when my little sister came back from a trip to London and surprised me with this lipstick from Sleek. She knew about my search and she said she saw this colour and knew it was just what I was looking for! And she was damn right! I love it! So thanks sis! : – )



Last but definitly not least is this beautiful nude, pink colour from Mac. I’m a big fan of Mac cosmetics. This lipstick is perfect for those days you don’t want to make a statement with your lips, and keep your look simpel and natural. This lipstick gives your make-up look just that little bit extra.